Frequently Asked Questions

How do I meet you and see the aircraft?

You simply call me (562) 533-0856 or send me an Email at [email protected]

How much can I expect to pay?

First, and most important, there are no contracts to sign.  You can just simply pay after each lesson.  I have detailed the costs on the Flight Training Costs page.

How often should I plan to fly per week and how long will it take?

Most students fly a couple of times a week which should get you qualified to take the Practical test in 3-4 months. However, we can tailor your training to your personal schedule and budget.

What kind of aircraft do you use?

I only teach in the very popular Cessna 172.  It holds 4 people and you can bring someone along on your training flights anytime you’d like.

How much time should I put aside for each lesson?

About 2-3 hours per lesson.  When we get to the cross country phase, the lessons are a little longer.

What is the training like?

You’ll spend most of the training time with me or one of my staff except when you are flying alone called soloing. It’s fun, easy, and most of all, very safe.

What can I do once I earn my Private Pilot Certificate?

You can take your friends and family flying in good weather either locally to enjoy the sights or on a cross-country trip where you only pay for the time that the engine is running. There are no overnight charges. This avoids all of the hassles of flying commercially (multiple lines, TSA, transportation to and from the airport, etc.), saving time and money.   

Can I use an airplane in my business?

Yes, there are no restrictions here but consult your tax professional about the tax advantages.

How do I prepare for the Knowledge Exam (60 multiple choice)?

Most people take one of the many online courses which include practice tests.

Don’t I need near perfect vision?

No, contacts and glasses for near or distant vision are perfectly acceptable. Most eye surgeries are acceptable to fly (along with prescribed glasses or contacts).